Connecting Gender Affirmative Therapist with Each Other

Moving Therapists From Uncertainty to Confidence Helping Gender Diverse People & Their Families.

The Clinical Gender Journey: from Uncertainty to Clarity and Confidence

About GHTI

Founded in 2019, GHTI supports professionals like you seeking to take the journey of becoming gender-affirmative providers for transgender / gender expansive children, youth, and their families, as well as for couples and families where one or more partners are trans. Here at GHTI, Dr. Giammattei combines his expertise as an educator, researcher, and clinician, along with his lived experience, knowledge of the community, professional connections, and decades of facilitating unique experiences, both online and in person, to provide powerful professional development and personal growth that inspires change.  Through our digital courses, webinars, immersive workshops, and retreats, you are taken on a journey to becoming a competent and confident gender affirmative provider. We take you from the basics of working with transgender clients and their families through complex issues that you may encounter in this work.

About Me

I'm Dr. Shawn V. Giammattei, a clinical family psychologist, professor, researcher, author, and international speaker with a private practice in Northern California, specializing in helping trans/gender diverse couples, children, youth and their families live authentic lives. I am also the founder & director of the Gender Health Training Institute, the humble servant of the TransFamily Alliance and a WPATH GEI SOC7 Certified Member & Mentor.  

I am dedicated to helping clinicians working with transgender/gender expansive clients and their families, build gender affirming practices, through personal and professional journeys that help them provide gender affirming care with confidence that they are on the right path.